What to Expect

Family-Centered Care


CHIP has a multidisciplinary team to meet the comprehensive needs of children, teens, young adults and pregnant women living with HIV as well as parents within the context of the family. Team members include Specialized Physicians, Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Pharmacists, Developmental Psychologists and Registered Dieticians. Youth peer counselors and administrative staff round out our team.

The team works closely with other sub specialties including gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, obstetrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, pharmacy, physical, speech and occupational therapy and home care nursing services.

The child’s care is coordinated with the primary care physician, school programs, community agencies and support services.

The pregnant woman’s care is coordinated with her OB provider, other care providers and community agencies.

The parent’s care is coordinated with University Hospital, Denver Health and private hospitals in order to provide adult referrals and inpatient care.

What to expect during your visits to CHIP

Our main pediatric clinic is held on Tuesday mornings on the 3rd floor of the outpatient pavilion at the Children’s Hospital. This is a multidisciplinary clinic where patients will have an opportunity to meet with several different types of providers to have their needs met in one place.

Nurse Practitioner – You will be assigned a primary nurse practitioner to manage your case. Your nurse, along with the medical staff, will help find solutions to medical problems and should be the first place you call with a medical concern. Your primary nurse will assist you with obtaining medicines, reviewing blood test results and answering questions about your care. This person may also talk to you about protocols that may be available for new treatments.

Physicians – The physicians that will be seeing you specialize in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. You will be assigned a primary physician to oversee your case. There will be times that you will see another physician on the team, but the information will be reviewed by your primary infectious disease physician.

Clinical Social Workers – You will have a primary social worker that will spend time talking with you about your concerns relating to your child’s treatment, reactions of family members or friends, fears, hopes and beliefs about HIV, or community resources you may need. The social worker will also spend a lot of time educating about HIV, discussing disclosure, helping you manager adherence issues, assisting with referrals, and addressing psychosocial issues.

Pharmacist – Our program has a pharmacist that is familiar with HIV medication and can assist with issues related to adherence, changing medication, interactions with other medicines and reducing side effects.


Neuropsychologist –  The primary role of the CHIP team neuropsychologist is a research position.  She collects the developmental and neuropsychological data for the research protocols.  She has a good depth of experience concerning the needs of HIV infected or HIV exposed children.  The neuropsychologist is available to consult with families about developmental, educational or neuropsychological concerns they may have about their child.

Translation Services

To help ensure families understand their child’s medical care and circumstances, we offer in person interpretation services to patients who do not speak English or who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please ask your child’s nurse or any staff member about this service during your visit.

Additionally, each in-patient room is equipped with a “blue phone” dedicated entirely to interpretation. These are voice activated and serve as a valuable interpretation tool in a variety of languages. There is also a “blue phone” available at the Information Desk.

We also provide document translation for reports, letters, etc., in your preferred language.

Para comunicarse con Children’s Hospital Colorado, por favor, llame al (720) 777-1234 y pida hablar con la operadora que habla español.