Colorado AIDS Education and Training Center

Meeting the needs of Colorado’s health care providers for information about HIV infection and AIDS. Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of patients living with HIV/AIDS through the provision of high quality professional education and training.

What we do…

  • Provide timely updates on HIV treatment and care
  • Provide information about Colorado HIV programs and resources
  • Serve as a resource for Colorado’s health professions schools
  • Provide individualized clinical education experiences

Colorado AIDS Education and Training Center
University of Colorado Denver
Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
Academic Office 1, Room 7402
12631 East 17th Avenue, MS A089
Aurora, CO 80262
Phone: 303.724.0646
Fax: 303.724.0875

Denver Prevention Training Center

The Denver STD/HIV Prevention Training Center (PTC) provides state-of-the-art training in the clinical diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections, and in evidence-based behavioral interventions. We also offer program support courses that are designed to improve agency capacity and to increase the quality of services delivered in community settings.

The Denver PTC is program of Denver Public Health, a department of Denver Health and Hospital Authority. The PTC operates in partnership with the University of Colorado Denver & Health Sciences Center with whom we share an interdisciplinary staff and faculty with years of professional and practical experience in medicine, social sciences, health education, and human services.
For more information please contact:

Clinical Training
Alex Landis at 303.602.3608

Behavioral Intervention Training
Alex Landis at 303.602.3608

Contact Us
Denver STD/HIV Prevention Training Center
Denver Public Health
605 Bannock Street, MC 2600
Denver, Colorado 80204-4507
Reach any staff member by calling Denver Public Health at 303.602.3700
Fax: 303.602.3650

 Mid-America STD/HIV Prevention Training Center

The Mid-America STD/HIV Prevention Training Center (MAPTC) exists to promote excellence in the provision of STD/HIV prevention services by strengthening the capacity of individuals, agencies and communities.

In April of 2013, we launched the new partner services curriculum named Passport to Partner Services. Please call 303.692.2752 or email for registration information.

Our area of specialty is to provide training for partner services as well as providing training that provides program support for partner services activities. Therefore, our courses are primarily designed for professionals involved with any level of partner services, which includes interviewing, field investigation, partner notification, referrals for support services and linkage to care. Our offerings are for federal, state, local and community public health professionals working in STD/HIV prevention programs.