Linkage to Care

Youth LTC program’s mission:

The Youth Linkage to Care (LTC) program offers client centered support to teens and young adults living with HIV. The goal is to empower youth by providing education and tools to overcome barriers to care. The program strives to provide young people access to high quality HIV care and support services that meet their needs. Though the Youth LTC Program is based out of CHIP (Children’s Hospital Immunodeficiency Program) at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, it is designed to support youth in accessing care wherever they feel comfortable.

Populations served:

The Youth LTC program serves teens and young adults aged 12-24 newly diagnosed with HIV, those who have never been in HIV care, and those who have been out of HIV care for 6 months or more.

Additional services available:

  •  One-on-one support and education
  • Assistance navigating medical care and support services
  • Assistance applying for financial support programs
  • Gift cards for meals
  • Transportation assistance
  • Gift card for $25 upon completion of second medical visit
  • The Youth LTC Coordinator is able to accompany individuals to medical visits
  • Referral to support services organizations

Additionally, if appropriate, the Youth LTC Coordinator will make every effort to be available in person at the time of diagnosis to meet with youth and discuss care options.

Anyone including medical providers, community based organizations and individuals can refer to the youth linkage to care program. Simply email or call Devin Aragon,  she can be reached at: 720.355.6195 or