About The CHIP Youth Project (CYP)

Who we serve

CHIP Youth Project serves youth and young adults ages 13-24 who are living with HIV or who are at risk for HIV infection.

What we do

The CHIP Youth Project (CYP) provides specialty medical and counseling services to youth and young adults between the ages of 13-24 who are living with HIV or who are at risk for HIV infection. The CHIP Youth Project was established in 1997 and continues to be the only comprehensive health care program in the Rocky Mountain Region focused on serving youth who are infected with HIV. CHIP Youth Project is made up of doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, linkage to care coordinator, pharmacists, mental health specialist, nutritionist, and peer counselor all available to provide medical care and support. CYP strives to meet the medical, emotional and social needs of patients.


Youth have the opportunity to participate in youth specific clinical research studies.


Throughout the year CYP hosts events that provide support, education and FUN!

  • Youth Day of Wellness: A free event that incorporates various wellness activities including art, yoga, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and much more.
  • Transition Workshops: A workshop that prepares young adults to transition into an adult health care setting. The workshop covered everything from HIV 101 to insurance.
  • Healthy Relationships: A workshop that focuses on building healthier and safer sexual relationships, as well as developing coping skills needed to make decisions regarding whether, when and how to disclose to family, friends and sexual partners.
  • Challenge Aspen: A four day event in the Rocky Mountains that challenges participates to ski, snowboard, raft and complete a ropes course with other HIV positive youth.

Youth testing

The CHIP Youth Project provides free and confidential HIV testing to youth and young adults between the ages of 13-24. Testing is completed using an oral swab and results are provided in 20 minutes.
CHIP Youth Project also provides resources and support to community agencies providing HIV testing to youth. Contact the following agencies for a free and confidential HIV test: